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Positives Of Camper Trailer Travel

Positives Of Camper Trailer TravelIf you love camping, you might have then thought a step ahead for your holiday accommodation – purchasing a camper trailer. Camper trailers after all make a great home away from home while travelling all over the countryside. They’re compact yet fold out or open up for creating a comfortable camping space. Here are some positives about camper trailer travel. So, find out why you should buy one.

Not very costly

For buying a camper trailer, you don’t have to re-mortgage your house. Prices generally start at a few thousand dollars. There is even a second-hand marker of camper trailers, which means you can get a lot of chance to find one that suits your budget. Camper trailers are also available for sale. Camper trailers by Keen Kampers starts from just $10,500. Moreover, if you compare the price of a camper trailer to that of a caravan, you’ll find that the former is cheaper than the latter.

Quite convenient

A camper trailer will enable you to experience the pleasure of camping but certainly with great convenience. The extra amenities like built-in kitchens, different kinds of storage compartments and comfort of having  ready-made beds basically make camper trailers an attractive addition to a holiday.

Towing is easy

Campers are very easy to tow. In fact, it is easier than pulling a caravan at least. As they are light in weight, they are generally simple and easy to tow. All these mean that if you buy a camper trailer, you do not have to upgrade the vehicle for pulling the extra weight, as is needed sometimes when purchasing a caravan.

You can go off road

If you like to travel and are adventurous, you’ll be happy to know that 4WD camper trailers are now available. These vehicles are durable and lightweight and are designed for use in rugged terrain. There are many companies that are offering off road camper trailers for sale.


You will notice this especially in case of hard-floor camper trailers that they offer a more comfy sleeping zone in comparison to that of a tent. In fact, when hard-floor camper trailers are raised, rain is hardly a issue then, which is not the case while lying asleep in a tent.

Easy to store

Since these vehicles are compact in nature, they would not take up much space when not in use.  This holds great significance if you don’t have much or limited space at your home. It would definitely not be any problem storing them.

Great camping experience

This kind of vehicle will give you an authentic experience during your adventurous camping tours. You will be able to stay there in a comfortable manner and your outing would also be convenient one.

Do you already have a camper trailer or have you travelled in one in past? What’s it that you like about these vehicles? Have any tips to share with people who are looking to buy a camper trailer? Give your thoughts life in the comments section below.

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Essential Camping & Hiking Gear

Essential Camping & Hiking Gear
Outdoor activities like hiking and camping often provide an opportunity to spend some time in the arms of nature, spot wildlife and engage in various fun sports. They also offer the extra advantage of saving money by staying at a campsite instead of some expensive hotel or motel. If you are planning to go for camping, you must be aware of the gear that you need to carry along. Given below are a list of essentials that you would not regret taking with you:

Camper Trailer

The foremost essential thing that you cannot afford to overlook the importance of is a camper trailer. There is a wide range of options available in the market. However, your best bet would be either backward or forward folding camper trailers. They come with inbuilt bedding area, pull out kitchen, water tank and LED lighting. The remote controlled versions are even easy to set up, just with the push of a button. Not only would it help you to save a significant amount of money on extra essentials like stoves and water storage, but also provide you with the ideal sanctuary for enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Solar Charger

Do not wish to part with your mobile devices while on your hiking or camping trip? Invest in a solar charger and stay connected to your social accounts by keeping your devices powered up. Just don’t forget to place the solar charger out in the sun during the day.

First-Aid Kit

Put a first-aid kit together using bandages, dressing, sterile wipes, adhesive tape, plasters, antiseptic wash or cream, painkillers and a cold compress pack. It can prove to be indispensable for addressing emergencies. Make sure you practice some basic CPR as well.

Salves, Powder & Creams

If you do not want to be bothered by local insects while on your camping trip, make it a point to take insect repellent cream. You may also pack in some sunscreen in case you are going to do a lot of walking around in broad daylight. It would not be a bad idea to buy some prickly heat powder if it’s summer and your destination is a tropical terrain.

Other Essentials

These can include matches or a lighter to make fire. To be on the safe side, carry both. Also, keep trekking poles, a torch or headlamp and a knife with you. If you are camping in winter, additional clothes and an ice pick will help as well.

For making sure that you do not forget any of the important items you need, prepare a checklist and pack your bags according to it.

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What Are Camper Trailers?

What Are Camper TrailersThere is probably no other better way to enjoy a week-long vacation than a camping trip. And many of you who are reading this blog right now might be able to relate to that – a tent all set up, a warm sunset, a beer in hand, the gentle breeze and pure bliss. However, there are still people who go for camping in the traditional way by carrying all necessary equipment and gear in their car or van. What they do not seem to understand is that the fun can be simply hiked up with a camper trailer.

A camper trailer is generally compact and robust, can be easily hooked to the rear of a vehicle and has become very popular for off-road usage. It also comes in lightweight variants that can be used for on-road purposes. There are many companies in Victoria that provide camper trailers for sale, which vary in construction and size. Some variants are remote controlled and even come loaded with a wide range of utilitarian features like pull out kitchen, electric water pump and tank, bedding & so on.

In Australia, camper trailers are also available in hard top, soft top and hybrid options. The ones having a soft top are provided with a pull on waterproof cover. Sometimes, they may also possess a checker plate hard floor or a soft floor made out of heavy duty PVC. Most are provided with a high density or foam mattress which can even be upgraded to one with inner spring. Some camper trailers open at their rear, while others have a side opening. In order to ensure better control and enhanced safety, they often have their own electric brakes, suspension, galvanised frame and dual shocks. The advanced ones up the level of comfort by encompassing LED lights and mosquito & midge proof netting.

Sometimes, a camper trailer may even have a roof rack where one can easily place a tinnie, surf ski, canoe, solar panels or surfboard. The hard top part can be hinged using heavy duty gas struts or hinges. This allows for the top part to be extended upwards for accessing and erecting the tent properly without having to unload the item kept on the rack.

At the time that they were conceived, camper trailers were just a box trailer with a small tent for accommodating one or two people comfortably. But these traditional designs were gradually improved upon to create the options we can get in the market today.

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Why Are Off Road Camper Trailers Rising in Popularity

Why Are Off Road Camper Trailers Rising in Popularity 01Australia is a heaven for adventure and thrill seekers, with its array of terrains and vast areas ready to entertain enthusiastic explorers for hours. However, in order to travel around within this vast nation, it is important to own a ride that can handle all kinds of terrain with ease. And no other vehicle can do that job better than an off road camper trailer.

Off road camper trailers are built in such a way that they can easily go to places with even the toughest of terrains. They are reliable & strong, which makes them an ideal ride for travelling down rocky trails, sandy beaches and dirt roads. Compared to caravans, they are much convenient and easier to tow using even a 4-cylinder sedan. Besides that, they are designed keeping in mind technology, space and storage to make on-road as well as off-road journeys enjoyable and hassle-free.

Nowadays, most off road camper trailers for sale on the market are manufactured to have lots of additional storage space and multiple convenience features. For example, the latest front and rear folding models being distributed by Rock Star have a comfortable bedding area complete with LED lights, switch and mosquito proof netting on all windows & doors. In addition to that, they also include a fantastic pull out kitchen having stainless steel water tank, electric water pump, 4-burner stove, tap and drawers. Moreover, their remote controlled setup feature also provides relief to travellers who are tired of putting up their tents manually.

Additional storage is perhaps the biggest plus factor of off road camper trailers. There is always enough space to pack in extra camping gear and other necessary equipment, notwithstanding the presence of bedding and tent. If someone is going for a fishing trip, they can easily carry along a small water vessel stowed with a camper. This is the reason why mobile anglers should be investing in camper trailers, according to many travel experts.

Last but not the least, off road camper trailers are usually weather-resistant and can easily withstand harsh climatic conditions. Their tents are made using fabrics that provide ample of protection against rain and snow. Even in hot weather, the fabrics do not heat up and thereby maintain a comfortable environment within the tent. In other words, nowhere is there any compromise with the level of comfort offered by state-of-the-art, contemporarily designed off road camper trailers.

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