What Are Camper Trailers?

What Are Camper TrailersThere is probably no other better way to enjoy a week-long vacation than a camping trip. And many of you who are reading this blog right now might be able to relate to that – a tent all set up, a warm sunset, a beer in hand, the gentle breeze and pure bliss. However, there are still people who go for camping in the traditional way by carrying all necessary equipment and gear in their car or van. What they do not seem to understand is that the fun can be simply hiked up with a camper trailer.

A camper trailer is generally compact and robust, can be easily hooked to the rear of a vehicle and has become very popular for off-road usage. It also comes in lightweight variants that can be used for on-road purposes. There are many companies in Victoria that provide camper trailers for sale, which vary in construction and size. Some variants are remote controlled and even come loaded with a wide range of utilitarian features like pull out kitchen, electric water pump and tank, bedding & so on.

In Australia, camper trailers are also available in hard top, soft top and hybrid options. The ones having a soft top are provided with a pull on waterproof cover. Sometimes, they may also possess a checker plate hard floor or a soft floor made out of heavy duty PVC. Most are provided with a high density or foam mattress which can even be upgraded to one with inner spring. Some camper trailers open at their rear, while others have a side opening. In order to ensure better control and enhanced safety, they often have their own electric brakes, suspension, galvanised frame and dual shocks. The advanced ones up the level of comfort by encompassing LED lights and mosquito & midge proof netting.

Sometimes, a camper trailer may even have a roof rack where one can easily place a tinnie, surf ski, canoe, solar panels or surfboard. The hard top part can be hinged using heavy duty gas struts or hinges. This allows for the top part to be extended upwards for accessing and erecting the tent properly without having to unload the item kept on the rack.

At the time that they were conceived, camper trailers were just a box trailer with a small tent for accommodating one or two people comfortably. But these traditional designs were gradually improved upon to create the options we can get in the market today.

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