Essential Camping & Hiking Gear

Essential Camping & Hiking Gear
Outdoor activities like hiking and camping often provide an opportunity to spend some time in the arms of nature, spot wildlife and engage in various fun sports. They also offer the extra advantage of saving money by staying at a campsite instead of some expensive hotel or motel. If you are planning to go for camping, you must be aware of the gear that you need to carry along. Given below are a list of essentials that you would not regret taking with you:

Camper Trailer

The foremost essential thing that you cannot afford to overlook the importance of is a camper trailer. There is a wide range of options available in the market. However, your best bet would be either backward or forward folding camper trailers. They come with inbuilt bedding area, pull out kitchen, water tank and LED lighting. The remote controlled versions are even easy to set up, just with the push of a button. Not only would it help you to save a significant amount of money on extra essentials like stoves and water storage, but also provide you with the ideal sanctuary for enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Solar Charger

Do not wish to part with your mobile devices while on your hiking or camping trip? Invest in a solar charger and stay connected to your social accounts by keeping your devices powered up. Just don’t forget to place the solar charger out in the sun during the day.

First-Aid Kit

Put a first-aid kit together using bandages, dressing, sterile wipes, adhesive tape, plasters, antiseptic wash or cream, painkillers and a cold compress pack. It can prove to be indispensable for addressing emergencies. Make sure you practice some basic CPR as well.

Salves, Powder & Creams

If you do not want to be bothered by local insects while on your camping trip, make it a point to take insect repellent cream. You may also pack in some sunscreen in case you are going to do a lot of walking around in broad daylight. It would not be a bad idea to buy some prickly heat powder if it’s summer and your destination is a tropical terrain.

Other Essentials

These can include matches or a lighter to make fire. To be on the safe side, carry both. Also, keep trekking poles, a torch or headlamp and a knife with you. If you are camping in winter, additional clothes and an ice pick will help as well.

For making sure that you do not forget any of the important items you need, prepare a checklist and pack your bags according to it.


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